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Control spillages on the move

AbsorbeZe MAXI Pouch Front
AbsorbeZe MAXI Pouch back
AbsorbeZe MAXI Pouch and Liner

AbsorbeZe MAXI pouches contain fluids safely while you are on the move. They are useful for travel sickness, or people who suffer from incontinence. The easy-to-use cardboard-reinforced face contoured opening provides quick and simple use and a self-sealing closure.

AbsorbeZe MAXI pouches gel unpleasant fluids in specially formulated AbsorbeZe pads rather than just holding them as a normal bag does, this means that the vomit, urine, or other fluid can be easily and safely disposed.

Due to the high absorption capabilities common to all AbsorbeZe-based products, a single pouch can gel up to 400ml of urine-and there is no danger of leakage. Once full, the pouch can be closed and sealed with the adhesive tab – ready for disposal. There is no danger of spillage, odours are kept to an absolute minimum -and securely retained inside AbsorbeZe MAXI pouches along with the waste fluid.

Convenient Waste Management

Suitable for vomit or urine, the rapid-acting superabsorbent lining converts fluids into a secure gel for safe disposal. Ideal for travel, incontinence and sickness, the reinforced card top is designed to fit over the face for maximum collection security when used as a sick bag and helps prevent spills when used for urine collection. An integral adhesive strip seals the top of the bag prior to disposal.

  • Contains body waste

  • Fast superabsorbent action

  • Absorbs in excess of 400ml of fluid

  • Controls odour and spillage

  • Discreet and ideal for emergency use

  • Excellent for wheelchair use

  • Clean and simple disposal


Suite 303, Highland House, 165 The Broadway, Wimbledon, SW19 1NE, UK

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